the treatment of back pain

When pain in the back just a thought about the sciatica. Actually cause discomfort in the lower back can become even pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, prior to the preparation of a therapeutic schema, the doctors thoroughly examine the patient. When back pain in the lumbar region than to treat pathology, can only be decided by a neurologist. Often to conduct the therapy includes doctors of narrow specializations - gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, gynecologist, urologist. Depending on the diagnosed disease, further treatment is carried out at home or in hospital.

How to treat lower back pain

Basic principles of treatment

Pain affecting the lumbar spine, may be of a drawing, aching character, or to show a strong and sharp attacks. If during the examination the patient has no detected abnormalities to the authorities of other vital systems, the therapeutic scheme included the following activities:

  • receiving pharmacological agents for the relief of inflammatory processes, elimination of pain, restoration of damaged bone and joint tissues;
  • the carrying out of physiotherapeutic procedures to accelerate the regeneration of the vertebrae and skeletal muscles;
  • physiotherapy or gymnastics.

When sharp and severe pain, restricting movement, patients are assigned drugs for intramuscular injection. As a rule, in this case is admission to the hospital. After improving a patient is discharged for further recovery at home.

The right approach to treatment

The main reason lower back pain is destructive and degenerative damage to the vertebrae or intervertebral hernia formed. As if successfully passed the treatment, doctors recommend patients to eliminate from their traditional way of life which provoked the pathology factor. Otherwise the disease will return after a while or go into a chronic form, the threat of their recurrence.

If you often have pain in the lower back should be replaced with active sports, walks in the fresh air

To start to treat sharp or pulling pain in the lower back should comply with bed rest. When pathology becomes inflammatory process, even slight physical activity contributes to its spread. Neuropathologists are advised to purchase an orthopedic pillow and mattress. They will reduce the burden on the patient's back, to prevent squeezing and pinching the muscle and nerve roots. If you can not buy special tools, you need to choose to sleep with a mattress and a pillow of medium hardness.

To accelerate recovery should be in the process of treatment to follow these medical recommendations:

  • avoid any physical activity and employment by active kinds of sports. Recuperating yoga, swimming or just long walks in the fresh air;
  • exclude from the diet of fatty and fried foods. They adversely affect the condition of blood vessels located in the lumbar spine contribute to the deposition of harmful cholesterol. Deficiency of nutrients and biologically active substances is one of the reasons of destruction of bone tissue;
  • do not drink or smoke. If you can't overcome a harmful addiction at all, then at least at the time of treatment should be to forget about it. Poisonous tar, nicotine, ethanol adversely affect the veins, arteries and capillaries, slowing down the recovery of bone, joint and cartilaginous tissue in men and women.

To speed up recovery will help receive balanced complex of vitamins and minerals. Some of them contain high amounts of calcium, but these drugs can be taken only as directed by your doctor.

Pharmacological agents

Despite the effectiveness of folk remedies and physiotherapy, strong pain in the back is able to quickly eliminate only pharmaceutical drugs. If discomfort are mild, will help course intake of capsules, pills and tablets. And despite the intense pain neurologists prescribe to alleviate a patient's intravenous and intramuscular injections. Many of the drugs used for the treatment of lumbar, exhibit serious side effects and have many contraindications. To avoid the negative effects, would strict compliance with medical recommendations pertaining to dosages and duration of course admission.


Most of these therapeutic measures are not prescribed to patients with pain caused by acute inflammatory process. To procedures started after its relief drugs. Physical therapy is used to normalize tissue metabolism, tissue regeneration, prevention of further degenerative changes in the lumbar spine. With the help of some physiotherapy treatments can get rid of back pain:

  • electrophoresis. Therapeutic manipulation is intended to provide quick delivery of medications (NSAIDs, analgesics, anesthetics, chondroprotectors) in damaged areas of the lower back. In the process of conducting electrophoresis on the back of the patient a cotton swab soaked in the drug solution. Superimposed on top of the special plates, through which current is passed. Under the action of electric pulses of molecules chemical substances quickly penetrate into the area of inflammation;
  • ultrasonic therapy. The oscillation of ultrasonic waves stimulate blood circulation in the lower back. In the damaged tissue begin to penetrate nutrients and bioactive substances, and molecular oxygen. After holding 5-10 treatments the patient's pain disappear due to the removal of the spasm of muscles and increased metabolism;
  • laser therapy. Polarized laser light is used in the treatment of destructive changes in the lumbar intervertebral discs. Under the action of infrared radiation restores the blood supply articular and cartilaginous tissues, normalizes metabolism. Physiotherapy promotes the removal of the vertebral column of waste, toxins, end products of the inflammatory process;
  • magnetotherapy. During the procedure, the patient is the effect of the wave magnetic field to stimulate blood circulation in the damaged tissues.
Electrophoresis prescribed to patients for the treatment of lower back pain and inflammation

Therapeutic manipulation is prescribed for the relief of further damage to the lumbar vertebrae and prevent the spread of inflammation to healthy tissue. The result is the disappearance of pain and restoration of full range of motion.

To treat severe pain, which may radiate to the leg, arm, tailbone, physiotherapy combined with taking the medicine. And in the rehabilitation period, or during remission of chronic pathologies of the spine, patients are recommended mud baths, baths with mineral water, classical and precise massage, acupuncture.

Recipes of traditional healers

For the treatment of lower back pain healers recommended to drink plenty of fluids. Pure water, chamomile and rose hip compote of berries and fruit will help to withdraw quickly from the spine end products of inflammation, toxins. As copious drinking in traditional medicine used infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Useful plants contain biologically active substances with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties.

How to cure back pain healing infusions:

  • in a thermos pour 3 tablespoons of leaves, cranberries, St. John's wort and calendula, pour a liter of boiling water and infuse for about an hour. Drain, drink flavorful brew instead of coffee and tea;
  • in an enamel or glass bowl place a handful of dried berries of dog rose, bilberry and juniper, pour 2 liters of hot water. Simmer in a water bath for 30-40 minutes, strain and drink 0.5 cups of infusion before each meal.

Back pain can be eliminated compress or ointment made from natural ingredients. How to prepare the drug:

  1. Melt in a water bath for 3 tablespoons of natural honey, cool and mix with 2 tablespoons of pharmaceutical alcohol.
  2. In the mixture pour 100 ml of vaseline and RUB it into the damaged areas of the lower back.

This tool is used for health-promoting packs from back pain. This mixture should not RUB, and spread a thin layer on the skin. On top, we have to put plastic wrap, and then wrapped a warm scarf. The procedure takes 3-4 hours.

Treatment of lower back pain usually takes place in the home. Only when the diagnosis of acute inflammatory process, patients are admitted to the hospital. Depending on the cause of pathology treatment generally takes from two weeks to several months. But compliance with medical recommendations is substantially accelerated recovery, as evidenced by the feedback cured patients.

Extracts of herbs save people from lower back pain, the spine is clean of toxins