What to do if back hurts in the blades, the causes of pain

Experts pay attention that the back pain in the blades is not a separate disease. Often, the discomfort caused by individual pathology, it is not always associated with the spine. If you're sick of the blade, there may be deviation of the muscle-tendon system. Discomfort can also indicate inflammation of the nerve roots located in the affected areas.

It is important to understand that intense pain between the shoulder blades appears even when the malfunction of the internal organs. So that treatment can be most effective, you should contact your doctor. After a thorough diagnosis, the technician will install the true reason why there was pain in the blades. This will allow us to provide timely treatment and avoid the development of serious complications.

The nature of pain

Pain between the shoulder blades may occur in different ways. To determine the cause is very difficult. However, by establishing the nature of the symptoms, you can roughly figure out what to do with this problem.


Pain syndrome this type indicates a problem with the spine. The back also starts to whine, if there are disorders in bone tissues. Most often, back pain between the shoulder blades indicates the development of the following diseases:

  • spondiloarthrosis;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • scapula-costal syndrome;
  • disc herniation;
  • kyphoscoliosis.

Less, pain alerts you to the appearance of peptic ulcer disease or ischemic heart disease.


Traditionally, the causes of back pain between the shoulder blades of this character are the deviations related to the work of the ligaments, muscles and tendons. Rarely there are times when a dull ache between the shoulder blades indicates the development of degenerative disc disease or diseases of internal organs.

For dull pain in the back between the shoulder blades has the following symptoms:

  • local pain syndrome, without affecting other parts of the body;
  • exposing the affected muscle load, discomfort increases;
  • it is possible to determine the affected area by palpation.


If sore back between the shoulder blades, most likely, the reason was the infringement of the nerve roots of the spinal cord. Less very sharp pain caused by inflammation or irritation. Symptoms with such a character previously combined with the term "sciatica".

As a rule, severe pain in the spine appear more complications lung abnormalities: degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and so on.


The discomfort arises from the fact that in the region of pinching of nerve root edema and the inflammation begins. The defeat triggers a reflex processes in the muscles on her back tense, causing the spine is being pinched even more.

Another reason why there is pain in back near shoulder blades, could be biliary colic. This affects mainly the right side, under the ribs. Treatment involves determining the underlying cause, by observing the onset of pain after meals with spicy or fatty food. Colic accompanied by vomiting and worsening health.


Describe the pain in the spine between the shoulder blades, caused by the following conditions:

  • myocardial infarction, accompanied by the deterioration of the body, loss of consciousness, arrhythmia, and also to reduce the pressure in the arteries;
  • pancreatitis, in which there are cases of bloating and other abnormalities in the digestive system;
  • intercostal neuralgia, during which the difficulty breathing;
  • protrusion of the intervertebral disc.


Pain in the upper back of this nature to accompany one of the two deviations: angina or low back pain.

That treatment can be quite effective, it is important to determine pathology. It is necessary to study the main symptoms of each of the entities.

For CHD are characterized by:

  • burning, contractive pain;
  • symptoms manifested by seizures during a heart attack;
  • the taking nitroglycerin relieves pain between shoulder blades in the back in a few minutes;
  • body motion does not affect the pain intensity;
  • at complete rest the pain disappears.

Infringement of the nerve root is characterized by:

  • the lack of response to nitroglycerin;
  • a reduction in pain after taking painkillers;
  • back pain in the blades provoked movement.


Discomfort in the spine between the shoulder blades with such a character, frequently point to specific deviations of the body:

  1. Osteochondrosis of the thoracic. Mostly back pain near the shoulder blades because of the worsening of the pathology. Discomfort can be caused by lifting heavy objects or sudden movements.
  2. Gastric ulcer. If the wound was discovered in the pancreas, can cause unpleasant sensations in the spine. Penetrated ulcer also causes sharp pains, extending to the stomach.
  3. The cholecystitis. Pathology is characterized by unpleasant sensations in the right side after eating spicy, fatty or fried foods.


Syndrome characteristic abnormalities associated with the musculoskeletal structures. These include the following violations:

  • scapula-costal syndrome;
  • osteochondrosis afflicting thoracic or cervical;
  • myofascial syndrome.


Symptoms of this nature often occurs during following diseases:

  • pyelonephritis;
  • pleurisy accompanied with cough and weakness;
  • biliary colic;
  • autonomic dysfunction;
  • perforation of ulcers in the early stages.

Causes of pain

Wondering why my back hurts in the blades, you should pay attention to the factors that cause these unpleasant sensations. Most often, doctors pay attention to these triggers:

  • lack of mobility, lack of physical activity;
  • a job that requires prolonged sitting position;
  • excessive activity during sports, heavy lifting, sudden movement, jumping;
  • mechanical damage, and personal injury.

In addition to the factors that affect the vertebra from the outside, there is a lot of pathologies, accompanied by pain symptoms. Therefore, if back pain in the blades is likely an ache caused by the following abnormalities:

  • diseases of an infectious nature;
  • pleurisy, pneumonia and other diseases of the pulmonary sheath;
  • dysfunction of the mediastinum;
  • periarthroses, affecting the shoulder blades;
  • hernia;
  • degenerative changes of the spine;
  • systemic diseases of connective tissue, caused by specific working conditions.

How to treat

Before beginning treatment, it is important to establish the true reason why back pain between the shoulder blades. Thus, will be able to find the right treatment that can bring the maximum benefit.


Knowing that the lower back begins to ache due to the stretching of the muscles, you can try to remove the symptoms alone. For example, feeling of heaviness or tension between the shoulder blades, it is recommended to change the posture. It is also recommended to take a few minutes for simple exercises, if possible:

  1. In a sitting or standing position.
  2. Embrace yourself with your hands to achieve maximum stretching of the shoulder blades.
  3. Take a deep breath and hold breath for 10 seconds.

Simple exercises can help relieve spasm, stretching of the affected muscle. Thus, will be able to quickly get rid of the pain at home.


Painful sensations in the back, caused by stretching the muscles as well helps massage. You don't even need to attend expensive sessions are enough to massage the affected areas with right and left hand alternately. To simplify the process by using the applicator Kuznetsova.

If the problem is more serious, for example, pain caused by degenerative change in the ligaments and tendons, it is better to use auxiliary objects:

  1. Take a tennis ball and put it on the floor.
  2. Lie down so that the spinous processes of the vertebrae in contact with the surface of the ball.
  3. "Ride" back in 3-5 minutes.

It is recommended to perform this exercise 2 times a day for 1 month. It is important to choose the optimal time of treatment to pain is not increased. Over time, the session duration can be increased.

The use of medications

Unfortunately, when pain spine between shoulder blades massage may not always help. If after the first session the discomfort did not disappear but even increased, discontinue physical therapy and to take medications with anti-inflammatory effect.

It is worth noting that the therapeutic ointments do not always have the expected impact. If positive changes after the first week of treatment is not observed, you should seek professional medical help.

Therapy in the hospital

This treatment is necessary when back pain in the blades and other means do not help. It is recommended in severe cases or when complications.

Modern medicine is practicing a holistic approach to getting rid of the pain in the back. The course involves the intake of medicines, physiotherapy and medical gymnastics. In this case, the choice of optimal combinations does the doctor himself. Only a specialist is able to make the individual program of improvement.

  1. Medication. Doctors predominantly prescribe drugs with anti-inflammatory action that do not contain steroids. Practice shows that the greatest efficiency has nimika, Ketonal and Movalis.
  2. Physiotherapeutic methods. Depending on the cause of pain syndromes, the specialist may prescribe electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, laser treatment, acupuncture, and various methods of manual therapy.
  3. The gymnastic complex. A set of exercises is chosen individually, focusing on addressing the causes. The patient studies the physical exercises and perform it each day.

Prevention of diseases

  1. Before back appears pain symptoms, protect the spine from excessive exercise. It's important during treatment and after therapy.
  2. Physical exercise not only helps prevent problems with the spine, but also strengthen the muscles, creating a strong supporting skeleton. No need to visit a gym. Enough to maintain healthy muscles by performing daily exercises.
  3. In the course of the working day it is recommended to pay attention to the position of the back, muscle tension and General condition. It is important to prevent overexertion, prolonged lack of activity and contribute to the prevention of pathologies.
  4. Choose the right mattress and the bed comfortable. During sleep, the muscles completely relax. Therefore, a bed should support the spine in its natural state. Good sleep — the key to quality rest and recovery.
  5. Proper nutrition is important for prevention of such diseases. Avoid fatty foods, eat less salt and drink more water. It should also eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. Thus, it will be able to provide quality food connective tissues.

It is important to understand that each of the described improvement methods, can not guarantee 100% recovery. Starting to treat the pain interscapular region, first get rid of the symptoms, and then achieve a significant and permanent therapeutic effect.

Discomfort is merely a symptom of one of the possible pathologies. So to cope with the issue permanently will help the traumatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, and other highly specialized doctor.