A set of exercises to restore erect posture

A man with a straight back attracts admiring glances in any company. Exercises for posture at home will help anyone who wants to become the same. Classes will not require large financial costs and hard labor. The secret of good posture lies solely in your desire to achieve perfection.


Bad posture can be the consequence of hereditary diseases or injuries of the spine. But most often the causes of pathology lie in the wrong position back while working, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. At risk are students, schoolchildren, office workers, knowledge workers, seamstresses, professional drivers.

The advantages of proper posture and the method of its verification

The benefits of correct posture are obvious. Straight line of the back, neck and shoulder looks great aesthetically. She speaks not only about physical health, but also about his discipline and ability to work on themselves, respect for themselves and others. Companion flat posture is a Royal gait. The perfect back adds confidence and brings additional competitive advantages.

A curved back and when hanging belly or talking about laziness, or complete indifference to the environment. It's not only ugly looking but also dangerous to health. Even a slight curvature of the spine can cause:

  • to dangerous pathologies of internal organs;
  • respiratory failure;
  • the slowing of blood flow in the limbs;
  • hypoxia of brain tissue;
  • to catch the nerve endings.

Correct posture is characterized by a straight position of the body in the vertical plane. The shoulders are at the same level in height, slightly deployed and lowered. Chest and back can bit to protrude. People can easily straighten your knees without feeling discomfort. When mixing together, they must be completely straight and the knees, heels and hips touch each other.

To check for correct posture there is a very simple method. You should lean back to the wall and completely straighten up. Feet should be kept together, hands lowered along the body. My head is pressed to the rear surface, eyes in front of him.

Somebody from the family needs to push his hand between the wall and the bottom of the back. If the palm is free, so posture is correct. Otherwise, the observed curvature of the spine. Weakened abdominal muscles swing the back back, not allowing her to straighten up.

Classes for beginners

Posture correction begins with the most simple exercises. First you need to learn to sit correctly with a straight back. Charging can be done directly in front of the computer to develop the habit:

  1. Sit straight, shoulders pressed together, leaning his chin to his chest. This situation must hold at least 30 seconds.
  2. With a straight back make movements with your hands, as when swimming crawl.
  3. Tilt forward, hugging the ankles with your hands.

To fix the incorrect position of the spine is well suited exercise with materials at hand. One of them is performed with the help of several books. You have to put them on the head and to go to the opposite wall. The book must not fall. To complicate exercise, you can walk the stairs.

Correct posture training, if you pass hands behind the various items. Thus a well-developed shoulder and lumbar joints. First, the transmission is left hand over right shoulder, then the side is changing. This movement should be repeated 15-20 times.


Another exercise is performed while standing. Stand as straight as possible, pulling the top up. Feet together, hands along the body. On the inhale straighten up up in the string, as you exhale tilt, making the lower back round. Focus on your breathing. Repeat 10-15 times.


Prevention of diseases of the back and restore the correct position of the spine in the early stages of scoliosis is effective with the help of yoga. The followers of this doctrine assert that the person is young and healthy, while bending his spine.

3 consider the most appropriate asanas to relax the back muscles and relieve pain:

  1. "Cat". Simple and very useful exercise. For proper alignment of the asanas is recommended to examine her photo. The original position of the body — on all fours. On the inhale is a deep trough, on the exhale, round the back. Make every 15-20 times.
  2. Lay face down, knees drawn to the chin, the other leg stretched toe ago. The forehead and palms resting on the floor. The exercise is repeated several times on each side.
  3. Sitting on his knees, raising his hands. Buttocks down on the heels, and the hands pull forward, gliding across the floor. In this position you need to relax for a few tens of seconds.

Perfect for posture correction the following set:

  1. Lie on your back and pull your knees to your chest with your hands. Push hip in the abdomen and powerfully exhale. Completely relax, listening to her breathing.
  2. Starting position — lying on your back, feet hip distance apart. Exhale slowly pulling your hands behind your head and resting on the shoulders, lift the pelvis and hips as high as possible.
  3. On the exhale, lower hips and back to press up to his chest. To fully exhale air.
  4. On the inhale, hands go back, and the legs need to be lifted at a right angle. Exhaling, again to press her knees to her chest.

This exercise trains the spine by relaxation of the shoulder girdle. Exercises for a beautiful posture are performed 8 times.

Relieve back pain and remove the clips to help this complex:

  1. Starting position — lying on his stomach, forearms of both hands are in front of him. Left leg bent at the knee, same hand it is necessary to grab the back of his foot.
  2. Stretched backwards, simultaneously pulling the leg. Nominate left hand forward. Hold this position 6 breath cycles, then repeat the exercise on the other side.
  3. Hands clasp behind the ankle of both legs. Snatched from the floor of the chest and bringing the blades together, bend as much as possible. Slightly swing back and forth in the rhythm of the breath. Hold the pose for 8 breaths. Then repeat the asana twice.
  4. Lying on back, press knees and hips to your chest. You can swing from side to side, removing the tension in muscles. To clasp your right knee with your right hand and left — left. Slowly rotate 3 times clockwise and in the opposite direction.

Japanese method

Very interesting way of posture correction in adults developed by the Japanese doctor Fukutsuji. It is based on returning the spine to its anatomically correct position. Japanese specialist said that the acquisition of erect posture is enough just 5 minutes a day. The exercise is performed using a cushion of towels.

In daily practice one learns to keep the back straight while sitting or while driving. Straightens the spine, gait gains confidence. In addition, much easier breathing, improved sleep, balanced psyche.


Fukutsuji the method comprises the following steps:

  • sit on the Mat, aligning the legs, and lower back;
  • lie on your back, placing a cushion exactly on the level of the navel;
  • push the legs about 25 cm, while the thumbs touch each other, but your heels are removed to the sides;
  • arms stretched out behind your head palms down so that the little fingers touch;
  • to be in this position for 5 minutes.

With the appearance of pain classroom time should be reduced and then gradually increased.

Exercises with a stick

This gym is perfect for everyone, but it is especially popular among women. Classes with projectile lead to tone the muscles of the back, remove the clips and align posture. You should start with small loads, gradually increasing them.

To practice used stick length 120 cm This size allows you to perform exercises in all positions: sitting, standing and lying down. Each movement is repeated 10-20 times, depending on the level of training of the person.

Here are the most popular exercises:

  1. From a standing position, arms stretched out, holding the shell wide grip. Stick spinning in different directions, until the twisting of the limbs.
  2. Holding the shell vertically, and through him, performing kicks.
  3. Holding balance on one leg. The stick is placed on the other. The pose is held for a few seconds and change legs.
  4. Jumping on one foot through a shell mounted parallel to the floor.
  5. Starting position — on his knees. Stick raise both hands and draw it circle. Movement is carried out only by the body.
  6. In a standing position and holding a stick behind the head, are bending forward. Another option exercise from shell, dropped behind.
  7. With a thrust of the stick in his outstretched hands are jiggling up and down.
  8. Lie back and hold the projectile in front of him at arm's length. The legs bend and hold under the stick.

Not all exercises will be carried out immediately. Therefore, they need to learn gradually, moving from simple to complex.

Exercises on the horizontal bar

This shell can be of great benefit to the formation of a beautiful posture. Today the bar is in any Park, in many yards, and anyone can install it at home. Usually such classes are addicted to men, but the basic exercises are very helpful and the girls.

The main exercise for the back is a normal vis on the crossbar. Through such exercises, the posture is aligned, and the load on the spine is reduced. It is advisable to hang for 1 minute several times a day, more relaxing muscles. So the intervertebral discs will fall into place.

If necessary, the exercise can be complicated, shaking legs and torso. Another option is to mimic the walk, making the appropriate movements of the lower limbs. Osteochondrosis it is recommended to hang, legs crossed at the ankles. But in this case before class, you must consult with your doctor.

To strengthen the muscle corset and forming the straight back is recommended to do pull-UPS. It is important to perform the movement smoothly, synchronizing it with the breath. The grip must be strong, thumb to the side. Elbows it is advisable to keep parallel to each other.

Thus, everyone can pick out exercises in accordance with the level of training and their own taste. However, before you start exercising should see a list of the contraindications and consult your doctor.