Why back pain in women

Dear readers, how often when the pain is in the back, we think it's low back pain. But is it? Low back pain is a widespread disease and one of its symptoms are just the pain in the back. These pains occur when damage to the intervertebral disc , which further lead to damage to the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Back pain, of course, there are men and women. In women the causes of pain, perhaps even more and they are sometimes not allowed to live a normal and full life.

back pain in women

So, if there is no disease, osteoarthritis, and back pain are what to do in this situation? Let us look at this issue and learn why back pain in women and can I get rid of back pain without medical intervention? Learn tips.

Back pain - causes

The reasons can be several. This is a misalignment of the spine, hormonal imbalance, wrong posture during sleep or sudden movements. Let's have a look at all these points.

The spine is the axis of human body which performs the function of supports and participates in the movements of the torso. The spine has bends, this lordosis is part of the spine which is curved forward (cervical and lumbar) and kyphosis, back, curved back (the thoracic and sacral region). The curves of the spine contribute to the preservation of human equilibrium, serve as a kind of shock, soften jolts that occur when the body moves.

If these physiological curves change, there is a stretching of the ligamentous apparatus, the displacement of the vertebrae, which lead to the occurrence of pain. Normally, the change of the curves occurs at long and wrong position of the spine.

The causes of back pain is carrying heavy loads

Heavy bags

heavy bags

Misalignment of the spine often occurs due to carrying heavy objects. As often observed pattern when a woman walks with heavy bags, the weight of which sometimes reaches 8-10 kg! Men, be knights: seeing a woman with heavy bags, help her.

Even if not to take into account shopping bag with groceries, sometimes handbags weigh no less! What is there in a purse: makeup, creams, medicines, hygiene items, purse, phone There may be a bottle of water (suddenly thirsty) and a package of sandwiches Yes you do, women know what is there and what else is missing.

A small child

No less severe is the child who at times is very often you have on hand. At home, when the child is naughty, the only way to calm him down is when the child will take hands.

As your child grows and its increasing weight. Saying that its burden is not felt. But sometimes some moms are so long for the day their child, that evening not feeling my back pain.

On a walk a child can be put or placed in a stroller. Or is there now such a fixture is backpacks for Hiking with children, kengooryatniki, very convenient for the parents, because the weight of the baby in the sling evenly located across the back of the adult.


In the second half of pregnancy in women often have back pain, in the end they become permanent. The cause of these pains is as follows.

During pregnancy under the influence of the hormone relaxin relaxes the ligaments. The growth of the fruit balance is disturbed due to the enlarged abdomen, which is accompanied by muscle tension of the lumbar and strain on the spine.

To eliminate back pain during pregnancy from the second trimester it is recommended to wear a bandage, which will eliminate not only pain, but also serve as a good prevention of stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen.

Female breast

Now in Vogue women and girls, have a large and curvaceous bust. But did you know, men, how hard to bear this burden?

In this situation, the redistribution of the center of gravity, there is a weakening of the ligaments and strain of muscles. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of bra. Not unimportant factor would be the exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest.

A flabby stomach

Flabby stomach many hated because he looks not beautiful, but it also can occur back pain. The reason is simple. Fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen leads to displacement of the vertebrae in the lower back, with age, the load on the spine increases, the pain intensified.

To avoid this, it is necessary to strengthen the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the back, and elastic when they are trained, they are the muscle corset which does not allow to move the vertebrae.

Wearing high heels

high heels

Constantly wearing high heels is dangerous not only because of the danger of a flatfoot and the formation of bones in the legs. This is another cause of back pain. Back pain due to wearing high heels may appear not only thin, but fat women.

This is due to the fact that when wearing shoes with high heels increases the stress on the feet, changing the gait. Trying to maintain balance and beautiful to walk, women unconsciously lean when you walk a little forward, thereby shifting the center of gravity. Hence back pain.

To avoid this, try to walk in shoes with a small heel go. Studs and leave for the holidays.


Very often I see a picture when there is a young girl with low pants, but in addition short coat. And frost on the street! Back laid bare and, therefore, supercooled. And the result is a myositis - inflammation of muscles and worse inflammation of the kidneys.

Sometimes when such pain among the treatments of different drugs and ointments are not enough, we need urgently to run to the doctor.

Hormonal imbalance

This is one of the causes of back pain. Hormonal imbalance usually occurs just before or during menstruation. It may cause changes in the pain threshold, usually during menstruation the pain threshold increased and pain is sometimes unbearable.

During menstruation in women in the body is fluid retention, body weight increases, it moves the center of gravity of the load on the muscles of the back and leads to aching pain.

Wrong posture

Wrong posture of the spine can be prolonged and monotonous, e.g. during sleep when you sleep on your stomach. Below the spine is not suffered during sleep try to maintain the physiological position of the spine. It is enough to put a pillow under the abdomen.

Wrong posture during sleep can be when you sleep on very soft bed. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to sleep on a mattress moderate hardness.

And so, as we sit a long time behind a Desk in one position, say a lot. I will not repeat, but note that breaks should be every 40-60 minutes. Or we will suffer from back pain.

Sudden movements

That's really what you do not like our spine, so it's sudden movements. That trained athletes can afford to dramatically jump, but sometimes they are sudden movements can hurt. And what can we say about ordinary mortals, who last went to the gym for physical education classes in school.

Getting up, especially in the morning, out of bed, try not to make any sudden movements. During the night, all the muscles are relaxed and they need some time to Wake up. Step out of bed slowly, gradually.

What to do to avoid back pain

  1. Strengthen your muscular system, strengthening the muscles of the chest, waist, exercise stretching. It will not allow under any circumstances to move the vertebrae.
  2. Carrying heavy loads be aware that the weight of the weights does not exceed 10% of your own weight.
  3. If you feel not passing pain in the back, it is reason to seek medical attention. The self is not engaged.