Back pain what to do?

The pace of life is increasing every year. However, we do not move enough, and exercise our mostly reduced.

To do this, quite often we defer to later visit a doctor and massage therapist, fitness and strength training, beautician and a good rest: go in on the first day, Monday, during the holidays and so on. Who gave himself such promises?

back pain

Well, the result is back pain, tooth decay, obesity, premature wrinkles, headaches...

And with back problems occur, probably, in the first place, because the load on it is the biggest. No wonder statistics show that complaints of back pain are in second place after colds!

I wonder what starts of back pain in 20 years, and of middle and old age and say nothing! And then dire questions arise: why has back pain and if back pain what to do?

Problems with the musculoskeletal system in the elderly occur in 2 times more often than heart disease.

And lately this problem has affected youth.

Sometimes elementary exercises help to strengthen the back, and in other cases you need a serious treatment...

Why back pain

Before you determine how to treat your back pain, you need to install that causes this unpleasant and sometimes dangerous phenomenon.

The causes of back pain are quite varied. Call main here:

  1. heredity – reduced metabolism in the cartilage, causing the spinal discs do not take the load and wear out quickly;
  2. injuries of the spine;
  3. physical inactivity, i.e. reduced motor and physical activity;
  4. obesity, which increases the load on the spine and joints: our center of gravity is located at the level of the waist. When excessive body weight, he shifted, which increases the load on the back muscles.

If they can not cope with the increased load, it is automatically transferred to the spine. And this leads to deformation of a vertebral disk, the result is muscle pain in the back.

  • why back pain in smokers: people who smoke often complain of back, than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that smokers have impaired supply of oxygen and nutrition into the vertebral discs that can lead to degeneration and pain;
  • excessive exercise: lesson power sports, heavy physical labor;
  • the wrong body position when lifting weights: often we need to bend over to lift something and need to sit down – then the load will go on the abdominal muscles and legs which we have the most powerful;
  • prolonged car driving;
  • violations of posture and weak back muscles;
  • congenital dysplasia of the joints;
  • what back pain in high heels: the constant wearing of such shoes dramatically increases the load on the muscles, ligaments, discs and lumbar spine;
  • why back pain with poor quality bed and mattress: old sagging sofa or mattress correctly distribute the load on the spine, which can be during sleep in the form of the letter "C". So try to bring your bed in order to drag the sofa and replace the mattress on a hard;
  • carrying loads in front of him. Common now bags for carrying children can also give back pain. So as soon as possible, wear babies in a bag behind his back.

The result of the desire to be like all the fact that you have a constant sore back and legs.

back massage

So try not to get the shoes: get pain not only in back but in the legs, as improper distribution of load on the foot leads to increased bones of the big toe.

By the way, when I bought a pillowtop mattress, we practically forgot about the pain in the back.

But the mattress you need to choose sprung (independent spring unit), then he'll repeat the form of Your body and evenly distribute the load. Types of mattresses and manufacturers that now it is possible to choose a suitable price and quality.

So the reason why pain in the spine, it can be quite simple – poor quality bed!

As you can see, the simple answer to the question: what can ache, simply does not exist!

Please note, if You have

  1. numb feet, cramps in calves, feeling of heaviness in the lumbar region — there are serious problems in the lumbar spine;
  2. numb legs, feeling of weakness and tingling in legs – possible problems with blood vessels;
  3. numb and sore neck, shoulder, arm or head, periodic headaches and dizziness, the sensation of running ants on the hand or on the shoulder – you may have problems with the cervical spine;
  4. severe pain in the lower back that run in the right leg – it may be a sign of sciatica or sciatica;
  5. bleeding from the bowel or bladder, burning or incontinence;
  6. severe back pain between the shoulder blades or in the chest, shortness of breath – possible problems with the thoracic spine.

If any of these symptoms you need to go to the doctor and get tested. If any of these phenomena – acute, call an ambulance!

Even if these signs seem not very pronounced, you need to see a specialist, since the beginning of the disease is always treated much easier than the swing.

Only a specialist can determine what to do for back pain!

I want to draw your attention to the fact that people's money is a good thing when you have an accurate diagnosis. And self-treatment without diagnosis is fraught with loss of time in case of serious diseases.

So the answer to the question: what to do if you have a spine, back or lower back, one: as soon as possible to consult a specialist – a neurologist or a therapist!

Definitely need to keep in mind that back pain can be a manifestation of disease of the kidneys or female reproductive organs.

First, the physician must diagnose, it is clearly, as back pain treatment require a qualified!

If You have been diagnosed with the disease is the musculoskeletal system, can use special devices for massage. Now a lot of them.

And you can just begin to do exercises to strengthen back muscles!

If back pain in the lumbar region what to do at home? It seems to be: to drink a pain reliever, to warm the loins, and all will be fine! But to do that, just not, in any case!

In back problems, it's time to start treatment. And assign it can only be a doctor!

But if a sore lower back isn't the first time the diagnosis has been made, and contraindications for physical therapy there at home, you can successfully use the special equipment for massage, which is now quite large.

So herniated discs, even difficult to respond well to such treatment.

Will help You and special a knitted waistband, which can be purchased in the markets, and best of all belt knitted from dog hair. This, of course, not tumbler, but the pain shoots.

I will repeat again that a consultation with the doctor, especially if the pain occurred for the first time – is mandatory.

Exercises for pain in the back

exercises for the back
  1. Lie on a flat hard surface, put the feet roller. Bend and unbend feet and fingers.
  2. Next, remove the cushion, bend the knee of the left leg. Bend and unbend the right leg so the heel slid over the surface. Repeat 8-10 times and switch legs.
  3. Lie on a flat hard surface, put the feet roller. Lift alternately arms up.
  4. Next, remove the cushion, bend the knee of the left leg. Pull the right leg maximally to the side. Repeat 8-10 times and switch legs.
  5. Lie on a flat hard surface, put the under-thigh cushion. Alternately straighten the legs at the knees, resting the hips on the cushion.
  6. Next, remove the cushion, bend the knee on both legs. Alternately, pull bent legs to the stomach.
  7. Lying on a flat firm surface, bend your legs. Pull the knee of the right leg maximally to the side. Repeat 8-10 times and switch legs.

Exercises for pain in the back is a very effective tool, you only need to allocate time and push yourself to do it!

In this article, You learned what to do if back hurts, what it is necessary to pay attention and what exercises to strengthen the back can be used in the home.

Give yourself at least a little attention: your health is in your hands!

The cases we have always a lot of our families, of course, need attention, but let's not forget, darlings.

And if not determine why the back hurts and not to take timely measures, you can even become disabled!