Why back pain: main causes and methods of treatment

Almost every second man older than 16-18 years old periodically complains that his back hurts. In recent years such problems have become typical, even for teenagers, and the frequency of complaints among adults back pain grows and grows. At the same time for medical help turns only one-fifth of them. Others prefer "cope" on their own, leaning on painkillers and hoping that the discomfort will pass by themselves.

back pain

Each would cost to establish exactly what back pain to his specific case, because this symptom can cause serious health troubles.

Causes of pain

In relatively young and healthy people, back pain usually from abnormal overloads. They are the cause of spinal pain, with complaints that doctors treat 85% of patients. Do not have to be a weightlifter to engage in physical labor due to their professional specificity, or be a enthusiast of country garden works to get trouble with my back. A constant finding in the same position, for example, when working at the computer, provides a voltage, which becomes the reason why back pain. Recommendations of physicians to draw on the back of the chair and sit in it deeper have a good reason. Heavy bags carried from the supermarket to home can give the same effect.

The diagnosis of "tired backs" in medical terminology. The pain of having non-acute in nature, are debited to "undetermined causes" and treated with rest and proper fit. More attention is being paid, if the feeling does not subside within two weeks accompanied by additional symptoms, or have a certain periodicity. To determine why back pain, you will need a number of hardware studies and consultations of doctors of different specializations.

Compression fracture

According to the world health organization, up to 4 % of all elderly patients who have sore back, suffering from a compression fracture. Under this diagnosis means a crack formed in the vertebra without particularly strong external influence. This fracture occurs in older people; among the younger age groups tend to him patients with osteoporosis of the spine. Reduced bone density unreliable in the face of gravity. A fracture can happen even under the influence of its own weight of the patient, and he did not notice, and will only mention that the back hurts, why – is unclear. For this reason, compression fractures to traumatic consequences are not.

What to do if back hurts as a result of such damage, the details will tell the doctor. Save the situation at rest, strict bed rest and medication that can reduce the soreness.

Problems with the spine



Is a chronic disease that can affect people of any age, social status and gender. With the development of osteochondrosis the intervertebral disc height decreases, the reduced mobility of the whole spine, with time complications arise not only from the side of the ridge, but especially from the internal organs.


This disease affects up to 7 % of the population. But spondylolisthesis is diagnosed is quite rare: many people until the last moment ignored the signal of acute pain occurring in the lower back. In principle, the disease can affect any part of the spine, but most often affects the fifth lumbar vertebra. His leg is deformed, resulting repere begins on underneath bulging either backward or forward. Figuratively speaking, spondylolisthesis at the spine ceases to remind post – it is more like a ladder.

The disease is manifested in the fact that the constantly sore back, the pain can be transferred to the buttocks, in some cases on the lower limb. However, if the disease is not too far gone, the feeling is not too spicy, which allows patients to ignore them.

Ankylosing spondylitis

He is also ankylosing spondylitis. Affects mostly men, and all ages. Female patients account for only 16-17 %. When spondylitis inflamed joints with ligaments; the disease is progressive in nature. Usually begins with the lumbar, but in the absence of response, that is, the right treatment, quickly spreading to the chest, and after – and cervical segments. That is to cover the back: if a sore lower back, soon the whole body will not remain on the sidelines.

The first symptoms is stiffness of the lower section of the body, accompanied by severe pain syndrome. It is noted the tension of the entire spinal muscles, which is continuous and it is not abating, even during a long vacation. Almost all patients whining of the thigh; over time, Bechterew's disease affects the connective tissue of the cardiovascular system, lungs and kidneys. In medicine, describes the individual cases in which spondylitis was affected even eyes.

Herniated discs.

This pathology of the intervertebral discs is considered to be very common. Often the problem faced by Mature people, 40 and older, but can develop at a much younger age. Contribute to the emergence of herniated discs can:

disc herniation
  • overweight – it is in recent years is the most common precipitating factor;
  • heavy physical work or exercise with weights;
  • injury, appropriate spine;
  • prolonged sitting (especially if the workplace is organized correctly, a failure to make orthotic recommendations);
  • trigger the disease: dysplasia in infancy, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

The mechanism of development of a hernia lies in the degeneration of tissue as a connective and muscular. Not supported muscularis corset spine begins to sink, wheels – simulat and squeezed beyond the boundaries of the column. As a result, the patient is very back pain, especially while lifting or turning in inclinavit se position. Pain is also aggravated by sneezing or coughing, and sudden or unaccustomed movements. Additional symptoms — numbness, tingling, or wattage of the feet, crawling over him "goosebumps" and other not too pleasant feeling.


This is one of the rare causes of, causing back pain. Such a diagnosis is only about 0.01% of the patients referred to the doctor. Starts osteomyelitis due to penetration into the spinal cord infection often she gets the blood from the urinary canal. The insidiousness of the disease is that it develops gradually and imperceptibly, his illness, the patient will know when back pain and fever, sometimes to dangerous indicators.

However, it is worth to mention: if you have aching lower back or shoulders, and the thermometer confirms that you are sick, this does not mean that you have osteomyelitis. The same clinical picture is observed in many infectious diseases with the same flu, for example. So if a really sore back, what to do, should be decided by the doctor. Otherwise, you can start to heal from infection of the spine at a time as you need to struggle with the more familiar disease.

Back pain can be enforced and severe scoliosis, and sciatica (in his case, their intensity can crescere to "unbearable"), and many other problems with the spine. If you are concerned about the question of what to do for pain in the back, switch your focus and anxiety on the establishment of an accurate diagnosis. Only a specialist can understand what treatment you need.

Not only the spine

between the shoulder blades

How to get rid of back pain? Many people think that tell would be a podiatrist or spine. However, this part of the body can hint us about the problems with the internal organs, to which the spine has no relation:

  • if back hurt on the left, in the upper part of the body that has aching, but sometimes rapiente character, this symptom may be a harbinger of a heart attack. Anyway, with the heart obviously there has been trouble, so a visit to a cardiologist costs as quickly as possible;
  • pain affecting the lower back and datum usque in the foot, often indicate inflammatory processes in kidneys or organs under the jurisdiction of the gynecologist. Nature of feelings – pulling, sharp, throbbing. Sometimes pain is transmitted and groin;
  • pain in the area between the shoulder blades often speak of diseases of the digestive system. Some of them are given in the lower back and the patient begins to treat his non-existent sciatica;
  • mild pain in the back, much dans in one of the lower limbs and increasing when moving or sitting, can talk about sciatica, an inflammation or pinching of the sciatic nerve;
  • deaf, but noticeable pain in shoulder blade migrating to the center of the spine and aggravated by turns the body either by breath – a clear signal about problems with his lungs. In some cases, so manifest cardiac disease.

If the treatment of back pain and is recommended for most patients with vertebrate diagnoses is ineffective if the intensity of pain depends on your position (sitting, standing, lying down), most likely, the problem is not in your range, and in some of the internal organs.

In all these cases, the psychologist must prescribe treatment. Back pain than physiological reasons, and due to internal disorder. And while he persists (or the patient him suck), discomfort can not be repaired. Even analgesic drugs will be significantly weaker than planned.

Therapeutic fundamentals

The main issue for patients is still the same, sacramental: what to treat? Back pain – symptom must be removed so it does not interfere to live and work. However, this is a very limited perception of the problem. Withdrawal symptoms solves the problem temporarily. If you don't deal with the disease, which has provoked its development, pain will return again and again.

If back pain is caused by problems with the spine, is usually applied a standard set of therapeutic modalities, elaborated in accordance with the specific diagnosis and individual patient characteristics. It includes:

back treatment
  • nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs number. They simultaneously rid of back pain and ortum or generandi them inflammatory process. If the pain is very strong, the drug is administered intramuscularly; in complicated cases they are supplemented by analgesics and narcotic substances. As a maintenance drug therapy, vitamins, muscle relaxants, the reinforcing effect nonsteroids, antihistamines. If back pain caused by the original disease, treatment for it – and it applies from the first day, regardless of the intensity of the pain syndrome;
  • physiotherapy. It is assigned when acute attack stopped, and the procedure can cause a relapse or complications. Among the most popular and effective effects — electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, acupuncture. In recent years, particularly recommended by doctors hydrokinesotherapy — stimulating stretching the spine, exercises in swimming pool with heated water;
  • physiotherapy. Without it not to manage almost all diagnoses. Deformation and degradation of the spine will progress if its not regularly be forced to take the correct position. Gymnastics must become part of the patient's life and after elimination of backache.

If back pain was caused due to the development of diseases of some internal organs, the treatment regimen will change dramatically. The first stage will remain the same, except that you will only include painkillers (if the inflammation has had time to settle in the patient's body). At the second stage the treatment will be aimed at addressing the primary pathology: the treatment of cardiovascular, digestive or urogenital systems. This is justified, because back pains are not connected with its physiological state.

Cases psychosomatic back problems, and can justly be considered the most complex for the patient. He will have to pass a comprehensive examination and consultations of a number of specialists to cut the likelihood of not only vertebrate ailments, and problems with internal organs. And then to have a conversation (and not one) with a professional psychologist. In our country the doctor is perceived as something unpresentable. Unfortunately, without his help, the patient will have to accept the fact that he is constantly back pain: to get rid of internal problems on their own is obtained in few patients.