Pain in left side back under ribs, in the lumbar region and kidneys, below the waist

In them you will be able to determine their source. The main reasons are problems with the spleen, intestines and urinary system.

Possible causes of sharp pain in left side back

pain on the left side of the back

Pain in left side – a sign of heart disease. Usually determined by the localization of the pain spasms, if it is left rear.

The symptom such pain appears when an abnormality such as:

  • angina;
  • pericarditis;
  • myocardial infarction.

The last point makes itself felt in the form of sharp and sharp pain in the chest, with spasm radiates to the shoulder blade and the left side of the trunk. There are such things as cold sweat, shortness of breath, nausea and lightheadedness. If you experience two or more of these signals, immediately call the ambulance.

Severe pain in the lumbar region and kidneys

Pain in the lumbar region occurs in inflammation of the left kidney. Is treated this condition such as pyelonephritis. It is manifested in the presence of infections. The pain is aching and dull, but can sometimes be strong and sometimes sharp. The last type of pain relates to pathology in the ureter. As a rule, without treatment, will develop chronic pyelonephritis. The disease has several symptoms that significantly interfere with a person to live a full life.

First develops a condition similar to dehydration, fever, and subsides without the full treatment. All this is accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting.
Lower back pain is constant, radiates to the groin, gaining in cold weather. Patient with acute pyelonephritis often visits the toilet because of the kidneys and bladder are close by. The infection spreads through all the region in the area of the kidneys.

If there is painful urination, it is impossible to exclude the fact of inflammation of the bladder. This kind of pathology are called urolithiasis. It is the appearance of the stones in the tubes and pelvis of the urinary channels. Basically the symptoms are imperceptible, but when the stress and shaking of the body, there is a sharp pain and vomiting. Often there are blood in the urine. Spasms are on the left side on both sides of the body.

Above the waist

Pain above the waist occurs not only in elderly but also in young people. This is a common problem. As a rule, if the body according to the signal of some disease, then you need to see a doctor. But think about it a few, especially at a young age. People do not think about the cause of this pain and just take analgesics. In the future, the spasms returned.

Sources aching pain above the lumbar region may be different, such as:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • ulcer, appendicitis;
  • inflammation of the kidneys and lungs;
  • problems with the digestive system.

Aching spasms in the back and radiating under the shovel that occur during wearing of the fetus. While spasms is quite varied and intense, they are hard to get used to.

Mostly the pain of such a format in the back of the back occurs when degenerative disc disease and after injuries of the spine. After suffering tuberculosis pain can also occur above the waist.

When inhaling, under the ribs

Diseases associated with the esophagus, ruptured spleen, hernia, heart problems, pneumonia and pathology of muscle tissue causes pulling pain under the ribs. There are three types of spasms that occur in the hypochondrium:

  • sharp and severe pain. Arises spontaneously. In this case of emergency, delays are dangerous for life. Usually is manifested as a rupture of the spleen or renal pelvis. This pain is terrible and quite dangerous to human life, in some cases, speaks of a rupture of the body;
  • dull pain that lasts a long time. It tells about the disease, which is chronic. Most likely, there is an exacerbation because of acquired infection. Perhaps, in the diagnosis it will be about pancreatitis or gastritis;
  • boring and throbbing pain says inflammatory process. Called colitis and can manifest itself if the patient has a strong cough. If accompanied by vomiting – there is a risk of development of peptic ulcer disease. If pain occur often, this may indicate a pre-stroke condition.

Aching pain below the waist

the pain in waist

The pain below the waist can vary from dull to sharp and constant. The most common causes are heavy physical work, awkward postures sitting or standing for a long time. There are a variety of sources, causing pain below the waist such as herniated disc, stenosis, spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis, vertebral fracture, osteomyelitis, and tumors of the spine.

When driving

When there is pain when moving left, it is necessary to promptly identify the source of the spasms. They can be set. Correctly and quickly determined the cause of the pain will help prescribe the right treatment. The main causes are diseases of the kidney and urinary system, inflammation of spleen, painful process in the digestive system, problems with the spine and pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Mostly painful spasms occur when movement in spinal trauma and pathology of the urinary system (kidney stones). Sometimes the pain can be in one place and to give in the groin.

Gives to leg

Sometimes you can see people who limp when walking and it is noticeable that it hurts to move. This condition is caused by the lower back pain that radiates to the leg. In the medical field this is called sciatica. The signal of such a plan, people do not consider it serious and not go for consultation to a doctor. Although this may indicate serious deviations in the body.

The reason is sciatica, which emerged after the degenerative disc disease. The pain may be different (dull, aching, tearing and shooting). If you this disease has overtaken the house, then get rid of it will help the fetal position. In this position, certain areas of the body relax and it becomes much easier. Sad sounds, but sciatica tends to come in the form of relapse. Also from back pain helps the applicator Kuznetsova.

Drawing pain from below in pregnant women

Pregnant women do not always bear the fruit without pain. They hurt the back area and sometimes there are spasms in the abdomen. It is unpleasant, not scary, but cause for concern should. In any case, to be safe you need to call a doctor or call an ambulance. Call physicians need if the pain persists more than an hour, growing and appear spotting.

Nagging pain can also signal a miscarriage, so you can delay the medical examination is not necessary. Minor lower abdominal pain in pregnant women is safe. It could just be stretching of the uterus. It will increase pressure on third-party bodies, hence the spasms.

Video about dull, aching and sharp pain in my side

If it hurts in the side or rear in the lower back, you need to identify the source of pain as quickly as possible. After watching the video, you will be able to find out the cause of the spasms and time to go to the doctor. In this video you can learn about useful methods of getting rid of the pain in his side. Exercises, tips on nutrition and lifestyle– all of this you will see in our video useful.