Back pain is the second most common after headache.

The occurrence of pain in the back is associated most often with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Some problems with the internal organs can also give pain in the back.

The nature of the pain can be sharp, nagging, aching, strong, understated, shooting.

Experiencing back pain, the person may not always be able to move freely, to bend, to move.

This fact contributes to the moral and physical discomfort. Brings a lot of discomfort nagging pain in the back.

The causes and localization of pulling back pain

The spine

Nagging nagging back pain is most often localized in the lumbar or lower back. In some cases, aching may occur in the lateral region. Pain arising in the back can be primary or secondary.

Primary occurs as a result of destructive changes of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, malfunctions of the muscular and connective tissues. In the category of basic back pain include chronic impairments of posture, sedentary lifestyle, age-related changes, excessive exercise.

Causes of secondary pain can be trauma, tumor, inflammatory or other pathological process that occurs due to kidney disease, urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, respiratory, intercostal neuralgia. Secondary pain arises again, or it can occur systematically over a long period of time.

Nagging back pain depending on localization have different symptoms:

  • pulling sharp pain in the waist area, characterized by backache in the leg or arm, most often indicates a spinal injury. Usually, this pain is incremental: first sensations of pain are mild in nature, then pain occurs more often, stronger, cover the whole lumbar region;
  • the deformation of individual vertebrae, characterized by pain, which are localized in region destructive to the developing spine. This raises a nagging pain in the back in that Department, where there is a destructive development. The vertebrae can bulge and have an unnatural operation. The pain may also spread to the lumbar;
  • growing bursting pain, aggravated by movement from one side of the spine, then the other can be a symptom of inflammation in the back muscles. Process (myositis) may be accompanied by swelling and redness in the inflammation;
  • nagging pains that appear in the sacral region of the spine, characterized by limitation, this affects the joints of the spine. The spine becomes shorter gradually, the pain and limitation of motor functions are enhanced. These symptoms are characteristic of the disease spondylitis.

In addition to disabilities of the spine, bone and muscle tissues of the back, pain can cause disruption of the internal organs:

  • of the cardiovascular system. Nagging pain that occurs in the lower back on the left can often indicate a violation of the cardiovascular system. The most serious pain that may signal ischemia, the possible development of a condition before a heart attack occur in the chest, give to the shoulder blade back, left hand;
  • of the respiratory system. Pneumonia caused by drawing pains on the left side of the back. It happens because of damage to the lower part of the pleura.

Other disorders of the internal organs can also cause a pulling pain: inflammation of the pelvic organs, diseases of the ureter, intestine disorders, diseases of the kidney, internal genital organs, cancer tumor processes.

During pregnancy because of the load on the back and squeezing the fruit to nearby organs and vessels often have a nagging pain in the lumbar region.

The consequences of pulling back pain


You need to understand when pain is a symptom of abnormal development of organs, muscles or bone structures of the vertebrae. Especially is fraught with pain resulting from cancer. The appearance of pulling pain, especially emerging constantly, is the reason for going to the doctor.

Paramount should identify why there is pain in the back. The elimination of the causes of pain in the back relieve nagging pain.

If you don't pull treat back pain, it can exacerbate the development of diseases, leading to unpleasant sensations. In cases of destructive development of the spine possible the growth of bone tissue, disruption of the internal organs.

Inflammatory processes may damage adjacent systems of the body. Any pain should be treated. With the appearance of severe pain, long lasting and constantly reminding myself, should avoid physical strain on your back.

Eliminating pulling back pain

Nagging pain that occurs in the back, does not pass immediately upon the first visit to the doctor. Often complex treatment is a long process, especially if it involves disruption of the structure of vertebrates, the cartilaginous tissues of the spine.

First aid

As first aid for pain in the back need to adopt a reclining position. If there is a sharp pain in the back, you can try to stop pain, then consult a doctor.

Trauma of the spine first aid consists of actions that can ease the condition:

  • you should lie on a hard mattress;
  • to the site of injury (in the absence of a breach of the skin) to make a pillow with ice for no more than ten minutes. This will relieve swelling and eliminate muscle strain;
  • you can use the ice massage should be repeated several times a day.

Important! Damage to the spine can cause the development of pathological processes in the vertebrae, so after injury should consult a doctor. Self-manipulation if you experience back pain may not always be effective due to the incorrect determination of the causes of pain syndromes. When severe trauma in some cases you need to restrict physical activities of the spine and cause medical.

If pain occurs systematically, disappear and appear again, such a trend can be attributed to the chronic. Only medical intervention can help cure this kind of pain.



Typically, when a particularly sharp pulling pain there is a need to take painkillers. To reduce inflammation and to eliminate acute and unbearable pain by using special ointments, gels, possessing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The tools help to remove the pain for some time. As a rule, it is necessary the systematic use of this drug for pain management. During this period, should refrain from any physical activity.

However, it should be understood that elimination of pain is not conducive to the elimination of the causes of pulling back pain, relief of pain drowns out the signal of the body about any violation in the body.

Surgical treatment

Causes pulling pain in the back often eliminated using medications, therapeutic exercises, massage and other means that do not require surgical intervention.

Cases when surgery is needed, are treated separately and are classified as chronic pulling pain.

Indications for surgical intervention in systematically appearing or not passing a painful syndrome of the back are:

  • constant sharp pain in the back that do not pass due to the conservative treatment;
  • scoliosis of the spine (Junior progressive);
  • herniated disc in the complicated form due to the compression of the vertebrae, radicular nerve endings;
  • swelling or hernia of the spine;
  • unstable development of the spine.

Most often, in diseases of the internal systems of the body, leading in pulling back pains, operation is not needed: treatment is done using drugs.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies is indicated for the relief of pain pulling character in the result of inflammatory processes in muscle and surface tissues of the back.

With the help of plant ingredients and organic products can be prepared packs, which not only help to relax the back muscles, but can eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, relieve swelling:

  • compress with honey, blue clay and aloe will help relieve the pain when a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease;
  • for sciatica helps clay with vinegar;
  • incense and Apple cider vinegar — the removal of sharp pains;
  • the leaves and roots of horseradish help to remove sharp pulling pain;
  • mustard, stacked on a previously greased back honey will help relieve the pain and inflammation.

Traditional medicines help to stand up with unbearable back pain and is also effective for complex treatment. The use of traditional treatment, be sure to coordinate with your doctor.

Physical therapy


Physical therapy the most effective method of removing pain in the spine. Physiotherapy should be performed only as directed by your specialist as, in some cases, do not perform the exercises are not only intense, but also smooth quiet operation.

When pulling back pain exercises most often performed in the supine position.


  • flexion and extension of feet;
  • raising the legs out to the sides;
  • the breeding of the knees;
  • exercises with roller.

Important! If the exercises cause pain, do not continue with their implementation. It is not necessary to exercise in spurts, or with sudden movements, such an arrangement will not lead to the result, and can only intensify the pain.

Massage and self-massage

Massage can also be assigned when pulling back pain. The inclusion of massage in the treatment is available only after the diagnosis of the disease, as in some cases it is absolutely contraindicated:

  • tuberculosis;
  • in cases of cancer;
  • for high blood pressure;
  • in acute inflammatory processes.

Massage should be performed by a qualified technician. It may also suggest methods of self-massage, which can be done independently at home in case of pain.

Thus, nagging back pain can't occur alone: they are a sign of pathological processes in the spine, muscle tissues, internal organs of the body. Nagging pain can be temporary, and can occur in chronic advanced form.

Temporarily eliminate the absence of intolerable pain by using medicines, folk remedies, but to completely eliminate pain syndrome (addressing its causes), you must contact your doctor. Using the methods of the diagnosis, the doctor will determine the origin of pain.

Comprehensive treatment with drugs, massage, physical therapy will help to cure the disease that leads to pain. In some cases, surgery. By eliminating the cause, the patient will get rid of the symptoms.