Back pain - causes, symptoms, treatment

Sharp and shooting, dull and prolonged, the sudden and short-term lower back pain is always unpleasant. Agree, do not want to experience it again and again. Having experienced once, is not just to pay attention to, and immediately proceed to a medical facility and examined. But the subsiding of pain, we often forget about the recent discomfort. After all, is not sick, why waste time and money on diagnostics. Many people think so. However, after some time the pain reminds himself

back pain

Why lower back pain? Looking for a reason

When there are unpleasant sensations in the lower back area, the person experiences terrible discomfort. It hurts to walk, sit, lie down and especially to get out of bed, change the position of the body. The pain is intermittent in nature. Sometimes she's sharp and shooting, sometimes aching, last a long time. Normal physical activity can be forgotten, if the lower back hurts. What to do, what to take to rid yourself of suffering? The first thing to do is to find the cause, which can be very much. Stand on the scale and find out your weight. Have you gained weight? It is quite possible that because of this, there is pain. If the person is full, its weight is unstable (sharply loses or gains some weight), then the answer is easy, why the lower back hurts. What to do in this case? Of course, urgent to lose weight. You press on the spine's own weight. The load is enormous. Also, the cause may be an uncomfortable posture. For example, you've been sitting or standing in one position. To help yourself in this case just. Do some exercise for relief of back, follow these inclinations and circular motion. It should be said that often there is pain, if you have lost your lower back. What to do in this case? Go to the pharmacy. Today you can buy a lot of warming creams and ointments which not only will relieve pain but will relieve inflammation.

Backache? It is a signal, not a disease

I should say that lower back pain is not a disease. This kind of signal in our body, signaling the beginning of illness. If there is back pain, what to do, tell the doctor after a thorough examination and diagnosis. The fact that the discomfort can be associated with poor posture and curvature of the spine. It is possible that on the eve of the people lifting weights were physically active. If the work is somehow connected with the lifting, then obviously, the doctor will find the hernia or developing low back pain. After trauma, injury or shock lower back pain. What to do? The main thing is not to self-medicate.

You feel low back pain? Pay attention to this. Of course, it is best to go to the medical institution and to consult with a specialist. If you for some reason decided to postpone the trip to the doctor, then you have to help yourself at home. Just remember that self-medication is not always appropriate. So, you have a lower back ache. What to do? First, wear a bandage or belt, to lock the position. This will help in case of stretching the muscle tissue in the region of the vertebra. It is necessary to restrict its movements. It is better to lie on your back on a hard surface and rest. Doctors are advised to have recourse to this position for a few days until the pain disappears. Second, warm your lower back. Back spread a thin layer of hot tools, wrap around belt warm scarf and lie down under the blanket. Medications promise to get you on your feet already after 12-24 hours. Massage helps, but doing it should only be a specialist. The bones of the lumbar are very sensitive and require skillful handling.

It should again be recalled that the self is not engaged. If you manage with the help of some folk remedies to numb the pain, you know it's not for long. She'll be back. Only the doctor can figure out the true cause of your suffering and will advise you on how to get rid of this pain.

Back pain during prolonged sitting?

Back pain are increasingly pursuing young

In medical practice there are cases when patients complain that they have back pain when sitting. Before with these symptoms to doctors were asked over forty years.

But today such complaints are not uncommon for young patients. Most often this is due to a sedentary lifestyle. Because now computers replaced fresh air and even socializing with friends.

why back pain

But beyond that, there are other reasons why back pain when sitting. So let's please investigate this issue.

The causes of pain

"When you sit, it really hurts the back." Such phrases can often hear from people who have a sedentary work.

Many of them come up with various excuses, such as lost back, or sprained muscle in the lumbar region.

But the true reason is quite different. So let's look at the main irritants that lead to severe back pain when sitting:

When prolonged sitting is the most affected lower back

  • Diseases of the spine such as degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, osteoporosis, scoliosis, protrusion, or osteoarthritis, is more likely to be the reason why back pain when sitting. This happens when a person having one of these diseases for a long time sitting at a Desk or computer.
  • Disruption of muscle tissue. Often when a muscle spasm that affects the lower back, a strong pain in the lower back. Patients say: "pain is aggravated when you sit." It was under the seat more muscle tissue strains and provokes the emergence of pain syndrome.
  • Infectious diseases affecting the spine in the lumbar region, can also become the reason for back pain.
  • Inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs quite often accompanied by pain in the abdominal cavity, giving at the same time in the lower back.

Often due to incorrect posture or excess weight after prolonged sitting suffer from the back because the lower back takes most of the load, and this causes discomfort.

Diagnosis and treatment of back pain

To determine the causes of back pain needs diagnostician

When there is back pain when sitting, in any case can not self-medicate, that is, RUB or warm the damaged area. Because these methods may only aggravate the situation and lead to serious complications. It is best to seek help from professionals who will be able to establish the diagnosis and to appoint correct treatment.

To diagnose disorders in which back pain using x-rays, ultrasound, computed or magnetic resonance tomography of the spine.

After establishing all the causes of pain the doctors determine treatment methods. Thanks to modern technology and the latest equipment to eliminate many diseases of the spine can be much faster.

the cause of the pain

But in addition, to obtain the desired result by using a special osteopathy. During the procedure, a specialist with the help of special movements restores the spine and eliminate back pain.

Also an integral part of eliminating back pain is medication. This can be prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and drugs that improve blood circulation in the spine. After the elimination of severe pain in the lumbar region used physical therapy techniques which include massage, magnetotherapy, laser and mud treatment, and extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

How to prevent pain ?

Today, when most of the work many of us perform on the computer to prevent the appearance of pain when sitting is much more complicated. But there are still basic rules, following which you can avoid many diseases.

How to sit correctly at the computer

  • Correctly chosen workplace (exclude soft furnishings, set the correct height of the chair).
  • Try even while you work to monitor your posture.
  • Are not long in the same position.
  • Every hour do the workout.
  • Your doctor can take special drugs that support the cartilage in the spine.
  • Do daily morning exercises.
  • Spend more time outdoors.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Eat right and replenish your body with vitamins.
  • Also effective method of prevention of diseases of the spine is swimming.

Of course, if you have a sedentary job, to avoid various problems with the spine very difficult. But in any case, these rules will help to minimize the risk of their occurrence.

Well, if you prevent the disease do not self-medicate. It is better to consult a doctor for qualified help.

Indeed, many believe that to get rid of lower back pain is possible using traditional recipes. From herbal compresses pain, maybe time will pass away, but the main cause of pain persists.

8 recommendations on how to eliminate back pain

Probably, everyone familiar with the situation when a sharp turn or tilt driving back, there is severe pain and straightening of the spine gives a terrible meal. Unfortunately, this kind of "fee" for his ability to walk smoothly and on two legs. But really the discomfort in the back will haunt us constantly, causing a lot of inconvenience and overshadowing our existence?

Let's try to figure it out. Because our body did not stop the force of gravity, the vertebral column is always in tension, he kind of gets squeezed, especially if we spend most of our lives in static position. In addition, the spine gets a big load while traveling in public transport, as it constantly shakes.


Numbness in the feet and hands, fatigue and weakness are the first symptoms of spinal problems that cannot be ignored. How to help yourself if you suddenly felt a sharp pain? For starters, you need to figure out the exact cause of the pain, get an MRI, and then to start treatment. However, to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the spine, after all, possible.

Enough to perform some simple guidelines:

1. Movement – life

Try to monitor your weight and maintain your body in good physical shape. To do this exercise is the norm, move more, spend less time in a static, seated position, perform during the day light exercise. The more you practice, the stronger your muscles, the stronger your body.

2. Say "no" to Smoking

Contained in cigarettes nicotine disrupts normal water balance in the body, making the intervertebral discs are fragile, so they become vulnerable to various ailments and disorders.

3. Try to sit and walk with straight back

During the day many of us have to be in a sitting position. Therefore, it is important to do it properly, not loading once again the back and spine. If you are working in front of computer, place it so the screen was clearly before your eyes, with a slightly slanted top. The slope of the chair should be such that the lower limbs were freely placed under the table at an angle of ninety degrees to the floor.

4. Use laptop and phone at a minimum

It is believed that the notebook is not a very successful invention from the point of view of ergonomics and convenience. Mobile phones are not much better in this respect, because while using the phone we involuntarily throws his head to one side, which leads to disturbances in the neck. Therefore, we recommend using a headset.

5. Take short breaks if the work involves long sitting in one position

Better if it will be short breaks than one big, because spin does not have time to take it easy, and the load on the spine is distributed more evenly. Walk a few minutes down the street or the room, so you remove unnecessary tension from the ridge.

6. Pay attention to how you sleep

Proper sleep is sleep, lying on their side, the rigidity of the mattress should be high. The so-called "fetal position" relieves tension from the spinal column, which had accumulated in the course of your working day. If you put it between the legs of the cushion, remove tension from the knee.

From a medical point of view, the "wrong" position for sleep is lying on his stomach, because it increases the load on the spine several times.

Pay attention to minimum discomfort in the back, try to take the posture lying down and relax your back. Take the pain medication. If you feel numbness in the limbs, then be sure to seek advice from a specialist.

7. Try to speed up the rehabilitation process

If pain in the back does not allow you to move, try to "run" back in the so-called safe mode, that is, while swimming in the pool or walking. So you unload the spine, without risking to worsen the overall condition.

8. Reduce the load and certain movements


Do not strain the back, do not bend, keep your back straight. If you go for a workout in the gym, you should not do the vertical bench press and squats with weights and bench press on shoulders and arms workout. It is advised not to run.