Use good posture. How to save during the day, correct posture?

Sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity haunts many citizens from childhood. As a result, by the age of 50 develops a lot of diseases, among which the leaders are diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, Oncology and osteoporosis. Of great importance for our body is the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Today we will look at the benefits of correct posture to health and a successful life. Explain how is scoliosis, will provide useful recommendations and exercises. After reading this article, you will learn how to develop posture and prevent the development of diseases of the back.

What is a posture. Signs of correct posture

It's time to say that is a posture. In the literature the so-called habitual posture relaxed standing person, which he accepts without much muscle strain. According to the American writer D. Bancroft posture is "innate manner of keeping the body, especially in the standing position."

Describing a healthy spine generally there are the following signs proper posture: upright position of the head, the raised chin, the neck-shoulder angles formed by the lateral surface of the neck, the same. In doing so, the shoulders are located on the same level, slightly bent and divorced. Identify and another important symptom is the chest symmetrical middle line.

Among the many signs of correct posture we need to highlight the symmetrical arrangement of the abdomen. Additionally, the blades should be equidistant from the spine and pressed. Note that the lower corners of the blades in this case are at the same level.


How to maintain the health of the youth. The damage of poor posture

Today more and more people begin to think about how to preserve the health of young people. Not the last role in the prevention of diseases plays an understanding of the harm of poor posture. What is she dangerous? Habit to keep your back is not flat causes the internal organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavity move, begins to suffer.

People with bad posture range of the respiratory process is reduced, blood circulation gets worse, sometimes there is a pinched nerve. Frequent headaches develop chronic fatigue. Also, there is a negative effect on the nervous system, which can lead to depression.

Incorrect position of the body, grown into a habit, is to change the shape of the spine, thorax affects the function of the lower limbs, forming flat feet. In children with spinal curvature worse works the entire musculoskeletal system, increasing the risk of injury. Also start to operate restrictions on practicing some sports, where it turns out the high pressure on the vertebrae.

In addition bad posture accelerates the aging process. As you know, after the development of the body start to act destructive processes. It is no secret that by 50, most people develop osteoporosis. The deteriorating state of the tissue bones, leached calcium salts, which often cause fractures.

But the damage of poor posture is not so limited. Coupled with overweight scoliosis is a serious threat. Increases the risk of osteoarthritis. It is a disease that affects the cartilage of the intervertebral discs.

The power of correct posture – the key to success in business. Why is it important to be able to keep?

Sure, everyone has heard that expression: the Royal carriage. It is believed that this concept is derived from the word "San" which means high rank, an important position. Thus, it is possible to trace the semantic relationship between the position in society and the ability to behave. The more one observes life, the more I start to believe in the power of correct posture.

Conducted research that proved scientifically that there is the influence of posture on the process of identity formation. In particular, the ability to behave nicely – the key to success in business. It turned out that slender man exudes confidence, it is easier to make contact with people. Curvature of the spine has a negative impact not only on health but also on mental state. It is no coincidence that at all times military service was watching the posture of soldiers. Especially strictly fit in tsarist Russia. But today, in any army in the world also know the power of correct posture. To verify this, it is enough to compare photos of the recruits and guys after demobilization.

The figure of a man, which know how to behave, slender. His gait is beautiful and all actions are accurate. At the same time he looks confident and relaxed. Conversely, people with poor posture usually clumsy, his actions are imperfect. On a subconscious level awful slender man, rather stooped. In addition the figure is the first thing that you notice when meeting. And to change this impression will not be easy. Scientists have proven that words account for only 5 -10 % of our communication. All the rest is gestures, facial expressions, appearance, tone of voice, intonation of speech, etc.

Causes of poor posture

As we have said above the most important factor which causes stooped posture, is lack of exercise. And even physical education classes are not a panacea. The fact that children are often incorrectly sitting at a Desk, raising one shoulder higher than the other. As a result, many students leave the Alma mater with scoliosis. Other causes of poor posture are:

  • weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • wearing high heel shoes;
  • poor physical development;
  • congenital defects of the body;
  • excessively rapid development (muscle growth lags behind the growth of the skeleton);
  • osteochondropathy.

According to experts, the age of 17 is the most important for a healthy skeleton. Even a slight deviation in the position of the body, which is a habit at this time is extremely dangerous.


The curvatures of the spine

So, if the child does not hold his back straight, and moves very little, overloads one arm, his body develop dangerous processes. There are three types of spinal curvature: lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis. Note that the first two changes are both natural and pathological. Lordosis is the bending of the spine forward, which have all people in the cervical and lumbar. Kyphosis – the bending of the spine backwards, which occurs in the thoracic and in the Department of the sacrum and coccyx. Pathological lordosis and kyphosis are different from physiological changes only the degree of bending.

There is also a scoliosis or lateral curvature of the spine. It is believed that it occurs when there is insufficient training of the back muscles. This type of spinal curvature around the world today is considered a serious disease that leads to deterioration of many organs. Determined that scoliosis occurs and develops in adolescence, and therefore to treat it better up to 20 years, while the vertebrae are still spoiled. At a later age to get rid of this disease extremely difficult.

Surprisingly, many parents saw the child has curvature of the spine, do not give it value. Their argument usually is – the child goes to the sports section (attend physical education classes), then everything will work out. But this approach is not only justified, but also can lead to dangerous diseases such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. If the child is not properly holding back, unevenly sitting at the table is a reason to visit a podiatrist or surgeon.

How can I fix posture?

So, how to fix posture? It is necessary to make sure the back was straight and shoulders back. The head should be kept straight, and look towards the horizon. Chest needs to be disclosed so that the distance between edges is maximized. Here are some recommendations with which you will be able to significantly improve their posture:

  • daily exercise;
  • sleep on a flat rigid bed;
  • rest after physical exertion, lying down;
  • swim breaststroke style at the back;
  • don't hesitate to perform production exercises;
  • visit the massage therapist.

Even if you away for 20 years, it is still quite possible to correct posture. The main thing is to set a goal and regularly work on themselves. Of course, if 3 degrees of scoliosis, these measures do not, need expert advice. Usually in such cases appoint wearing special corsets, physiotherapy and physiotherapy (physical therapy).

A set of exercises for good posture

If you really want to change the shape, you will have how to train the muscles of the neck, shoulder girdle, press, and the muscle that straightens the spine. It is also necessary to pay attention to the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Offer to do the exercises for good posture.

  • "Reception of British officers". You have to go back to the wall without plinth or Cabinet five points: feet, butt, back, shoulders, neck. In this position, it is advisable to stay 20-30 minutes.
  • Starting position — lying on the floor, legs straight, keep them together. Hands behind head, chained to the castle. Then, simultaneously raise upper body and legs, trying to stay at the top. Repeat 10 times.
  • Starting position – lying on his stomach. Put hands on a belt, and then the deflection of the whole body, spreading legs. Do on the inhale and on the exhale return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Sitting on the floor, rest on the floor (behind the back), then lift your legs and do rotational motion (inside) – 10 times. Then in the opposite direction 10 times.
  • Back on my feet, raise up your elbows. Then try to reach your palms to the shoulder blades. After that, reduce the blade and his arms to the sides. Repeat 10 times.
  • Starting position – lie on the floor face down. You need to connect the foot, pulling the toes. Palms placed under the shoulders and the elbows tight to the body. Inhale and slowly raise your body. Try to bend the thoracic spine. The exercise is done at the expense of the muscles of the body, hands, help is needed. Try to hold this position for a minute.
  • Starting position – as in the previous exercise. Press the forehead to the floor, pull the neck. Put the palms under the shoulders. Then slowly reduce and dilute the scapula. Do 20 reps, and then bring the blades as close as possible and stay in this position for a minute.

Each lesson should begin with a warm-up to warm up the joints and ligaments.

We talked about the benefits of correct posture to health and a successful life, called chronic disease, which causes curvature of the spine. Some of them, such as degenerative disc disease, cure is difficult. Therefore, to maintain the health of young people at an early age to remind children about the importance of physical education.