Why postpartum back pain

Mothers often have back pain after childbirth. Moreover, the discomfort can last quite a long time. This significantly overshadows the joy of communicating with the child.

back pain after childbirth

Back pain after giving birth are insignificant, and can cause serious inconvenience. A woman's body is severely weakened, so back pain further undermine health. Be sure to consult with a specialist, because the causes may be different.

The treatment of the back, which hurts after the last delivery depends on the diagnosis. Therefore it is not necessary to deal with their own problem. But prevention does not hurt.

Causes of discomfort

After birth, it is useful to know why you have started back. The fact is that during pregnancy the female body changes, to make the child more comfortable. To the last trimester joint cartilage becomes very soft, which facilitates the emergence of the crumbs into the light. The result of the lumbosacral spine suffers greatly, so back pain after childbirth.

Due to hormonal imbalance stretched joint cartilage and ligaments are restored very slowly and bring the woman discomfort. There are several reasons why after giving birth in the back and shoulder blades felt pain.

  • Strong back muscle strain. During the birth of a baby the lumbar muscles relax, so the fetus can get out. The resulting hypertonicity of the muscles of the shoulder blades. This also becomes the cause of the pain.
  • Osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other problems also cause discomfort. The situation is exacerbated when the woman before pregnancy was bad posture. While carrying a child's posture is distorted even more, the muscles and ligaments adapt and get things back to normal quite painful.
  • After the last birth, the back can become ill due to intercostal neuralgia, which arises because of the nervous stress or hypothermia, and long tormented woman.
  • Diseases of internal organs.
  • Intervertebral hernia.

After childbirth can hurt badly all over his back but the lower back in particular.

This phenomenon also has several explanations:

  • inflammation of the lower spine;
  • birth injuries: the baby passes through the birth canal that may cause compression of blood vessels, pinched disc, the displacement of the vertebrae;
  • the problems existing before pregnancy, exacerbated, therefore, can result in severe pain;
  • hormonal changes;
  • stretching the pelvic muscles;
  • strain of lumbar muscles: due to the rapid growth of the stomach ligamentous tissue of the lower back are shortened and hard why a woman feels back pain after childbirth.
back pain after giving birth what to do

Prevention of cancer pathology

Usually women after childbirth faced with pain in the back, wondering what to do with the problem. But it is best to warn the pathology than to treat it. There are several effective methods of prevention. However, it is best to consult a doctor who will tell you in detail what to do after the delivery you have not started to hurt the lower back or whole back.

  • For at least 6 months from the date of the appearance of the baby born eliminate heavy exercise, do not wear gravity. The muscles of the back and stomach should have time to recover, otherwise there is a risk of damaging them.
  • Watch your weight throughout pregnancy. Even a few extra pounds can cause severe discomfort.
  • Take the time to therapeutic gymnastics. If you will begin classes, you should not leave them. An important regularity, not intensity. Try every morning to do calisthenics.
  • Get up out of bed gently, not abruptly. Roll onto your side, bend your knees and sit down on the edge.
  • After the delivery did not start to ache, feed the baby correctly. Sit in a comfortable chair, put under the feet of the Ottoman, fold the head back. Try to accustom the baby to feeding on one side. Thus, the muscles will be in relaxed state.
  • Carefully choose the bed. It is best to buy a hard mattress good for the spine. Place them under the knees a little cushion.
  • After the delivery did not start to ache in the lumbar region and shoulder blades, treat it carefully. Try not to lean, adjust the height of the changing table, baths and cots so that you feel comfortable. If I have to pick something up from the floor, squat or kneel down. During the cleaning of the apartment do not bend when working with a vacuum cleaner or a MOP.

Of course, you can read the reviews about what to do if postpartum woman's back sore. But detailed advice should be given only by a doctor. Perhaps a visit to a specialist will prevent serious problems, so do not hesitate.

How to deal with the problem

So, what to do if after giving birth you start to hurt the back. Will assist chiropractor. Contact your osteopath or manual, if discomfort is felt due to the separation of the tailbone and other bones. Specialist may refer you for an MRI to identify the presence or absence of intervertebral hernia. In some cases you will have to get an ultrasound of internal organs, x-rays and other investigations to find out why after giving birth you have back pain in the region of both shoulder blades or lower back.

Often used physiotherapy, various physiotherapeutic manipulation. During lactation, drug treatment is rarely used.

Sometimes assigned anti-inflammatory creams. They are used locally and a small course. After birth, it wouldn't hurt to do special exercises for the back.

  1. Lean your hands on the back of a chair, spread your legs with straight knees hip-width apart. One hand lay on her stomach and the other on the lower back. Try to strain the muscles of the lower back, as if to mentally force them to straighten up.
  2. Stand against the wall with his back. Needs to touch your buttocks, shoulders and head. In this position you need to stand a few minutes.
  3. Squeeze the shoulders, lower your arms and touch the chin chest. First you need to exhale, and then inhale, raise your head, straighten your shoulders and hand it back. The exercise is repeated several times.

After birth, in addition to the regular charge for the back will not damage the massage. This is the most pleasant treatment, but one can begin only after at least 2 weeks after the baby is born. Well help massage and self-massage

back pain after delivery massage

Massage is useful for the following properties:

  • accelerates the recovery of the body, vastavit during pregnancy and birth;
  • the improve blood supply to the joints;
  • restoration of muscle tone;
  • the strengthening ligaments.

If after childbirth you threw out your back massage will be especially handy. The procedure will reduce discomfort. It is important to seriously approach the choice of the massage specialist. About white pimples on face of a newborn.