Back pain: 7 anxiety symptoms

Most unpleasant sensations – light and short pain in the lumbar region that have no pathological basis and is called an ordinary muscle strain. We are interested in cases when the reason lies in the spine.

back pain

7 disturbing symptoms

1. The pain doesn't go away

Usually pain in the back disappear after a short rest or taking pain medication. If within one month there is no improvement, the pain interfere with your normal daily activities, should go to the doctor.

2. Pain spreading to the arm or leg

If in addition to the back pain goes to any limb is a sign of irritation of the spine spinal cord or even the presence of a herniated disc.

"This symptom may not indicate serious lesion of the intervertebral disc, but still need to consult a neurologist: there are many non-surgical methods of treatment. Can help massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy, exercises to strengthen the muscle corset, stretching, therapeutic blockade or the imposition of special elastic adhesive. Tactics can be chosen individually. You can expect a positive outcome if timely treatment for the qualified medical aid".

3. The appearance of numbness, tingling or weakness in the arm or leg

"Long time passing numbness in the extremities (sensation of numbness, tingling, needles) to say about the persistent damage to the nerve fibers. Decreased muscle tone in the lower extremities or the occurrence of lameness is also a terrible symptom of the violation of motor functions", – said the expert.

4. Pain at night

The increased pain at night or in a moment of relaxation – an alarming sign. If you also note morning stiffness, it can be a symptom of systemic inflammatory disease – ankylosing spondylitis. In this situation you want to consult a neurologist or rheumatologist and selection of specific therapy.

5. The emergence of persistent pain in older age (be attentive to their parents!)

In women older than 50 years increases the risk of osteoporosis (increased bone fragility). Even minor injuries can lead to various fractures, two thirds of which are localized in the spine (often in the thoracic and lumbar spine).

"Only a consultation and x-ray examination help to identify vertebral fractures and to prescribe an appropriate treatment. We must remember that in this case magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), most commonly performed by patients with back pain, not informative because it does not allow adequately to assess the condition of bone structures".

6. Pain accompanied by fever or weight loss

"Dangerous symptoms – reducing weight without any diet or increasing temperature on the background of back pain. Possible current infection, tumor of the spinal cord or vertebrae. This requires the attention of a doctor, the delay in such cases is unacceptable".

7. Back pain and the inability to control bowel movements or bladder

"Another sure sign of a spinal cord injury is urinary incontinence or numbness in the groin area. These symptoms cannot be ignored: they point to a syndrome of compression of horse tail cone – end of spinal cord and roots," – says the expert.

If these symptoms have arisen acutely, have to call an ambulance: the best result surgical treatment is achieved in the first 48 hours.


Tumor or infection on the prevalence occupy the last place in the list of "Why my back hurts", but this is the case when the usual ignoring the signals our body is unacceptable tactic.