Why back pain in women

Feel when the lower back ache is not pleasant. Due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body, very often the pain of this nature occur in members of the fairer sex. Please check the possible causes of this discomfort and find out consultation from a specialist will help you to quickly relieve the pain and alleviate the condition.

back pain in women

Back pain in the lumbar region

Such unpleasant sensations are characterized by different signs of pain: feel periodic discomfort or a sharp, burning pain, aching lumbar pain, or sensation as if surround. A variety of symptoms due to stay in this area, in addition to the kidneys, spine, muscles and ligaments organs of the female reproductive system. Changes the normal state of the urinary system are very often signals itself by pain, which radiates to the lower back.

Why back pain in the lumbar region

If you notice regularly manifested by pain in the lower back, consult a specialist. Should not speak about any self-treatment because such symptoms may indicate a variety of diseases. For example, as may occur cystitis, or pain may be felt after intense exercise in the gym and even after sex. As the norm these sensations can occur during pregnancy, before or during menstruation, but they also indicate a developing disease of the genital organs.

Possible causes of lower back pain

A simple answer from why women have a sore lower back, not because such discomfort can be caused different deviations in health status. For an accurate diagnosis doctor, in addition to the examination of the patient may prescribe additional tests and studies. To navigate, some diseases are often accompanied with soreness of lower back, look at common reasons why it may occur.

During menstruation

Fluid retention by the body at the end of the cycle is a provoking factor why lower back hurts during your period or a few days before they start. As a result of this process, the swollen tissues of the genitourinary system and the tension in the pelvic region manifests a dull pain behind. Such feelings during menstruation can signal hormonal and failures of the female body. If disturbed the balance between the production of progesterone and prostaglandins, the contraction of the uterus during the menstrual bleeding become stronger, which is the source of pain.

During pregnancy

In the body of a pregnant woman during this period increases the pressure on the spine due to the increase in body weight and changes in center of gravity due to the growth of the fetus. This is the main reason why lower back hurts during pregnancy. Often the appearance of pulling the lumbar pains at the same time with a delay of menstruation evidence of the fact of birth of a new life – at first the uterus is growing rapidly and the tension of the uterine ligaments causes these feelings.

It is important to know that in early pregnancy low back pain can signal about the risk of spontaneous abortion, therefore, noticing this symptom, you should not hesitate to consult a gynecologist. Periodic back pain in mid-pregnancy may indicate risk of premature birth. The least concerns, but a lot of discomfort cause these symptoms in the last stages of pregnancy – they only indicate that the body is preparing for childbirth. In most cases, after birth the pain goes away without any treatment.

pain during pregnancy

Be careful!

Before you read any further, I want to warn you. Most of the tools in "healing" back that advertise on TV and sell in pharmacies - it is a solid divorce. At first it may seem that the creams and ointments help, BUT in fact they only remove the symptoms of the disease.

In simple words, you buy ordinary painkillers, while the disease continues to evolve turning to a more serious stage.

Normal joint pain can be a symptom of more serious diseases:

  • Difficulty walking;
  • Osteomyelitis — inflammation of bone;
  • Blood poisoning;
  • Disruption of the pelvic organs;
  • In severe cases, paralysis of the arms and legs.

After birth

If a woman before pregnancy had back problems after the birth due to the passage of the baby through the birth canal and possible displacement or pinched spine; aching pain in the lower back can anywhere and not to go. For a long time appear painful when in pregnancy due to too much stomach was always tense and cause inflammation of the back muscles. When the child was born, you can not postpone the visit to the doctor should be immediately to correct the failing health of the spine, thereby to prevent the development of complications.

Gynecological diseases

A characteristic feature of this group of diseases is that the pain occurs independently from physical activity, often accompanied by a discharge. Often pulls the lower back and aching lower back with uterine fibroids, the pain experienced in the lower abdomen. Similar pain may occur with adnexitis and even cancer of the genital organs. If the pain is manifested sharply, acute, at the same time gives to the lower abdomen, it may indicate rupture of the ovary or an ectopic pregnancy, a condition threatening a woman's life.

Problems with internal organs

Pain in the lower back can indicate a variety of problems in the internal organs. Pull the lower back can at diseases of stomach, intestines, bladder. The same symptoms are observed in renal colic after undergoing an acute attack. Matter in the left or right side rear is a pain, the doctor diagnoses, the functioning of which the kidneys have problems. Localization of pain on the right may indicate inflammation of the Appendix.

Problems with the spine

One of the most obvious reasons why women have a sore lower back, is to convert the ridge. They can be congenital or occur due to inflammatory processes and age-related changes in bone tissue. Painful sensations can occur due to trauma, heavy lifting, long sitting or in the morning as a result of improper body position during sleep.

Deformation processes lead to the constriction of blood vessels and nerve columns, which causes incredibly painful. Another cause of pain that manifests as burning, tingling, give to the bottom of the back, are problems with the coccyx. The lack of proper medical care in case of problems with the spine can lead to severe neurological diseases.

What to do if a sore lower back

Disturbances in the body, which can manifest itself in such a similar symptom, a great variety. The sooner you consult your doctors and the sooner will be installed the correct diagnosis, the better the treatment. Neglect of medical care and self-medication leads to a high risk of serious, irreversible impacts, such as deformation of the spinal column. On the basis of the seriousness of the issue, consult a therapist, and he has, if needed, will refer you for consultation to the gynecologist, orthopedist, neurologist, or another specialist.

treatment and prevention

Remember, when you experience pain. If it was caused by intense physical exertion, a fall, a trauma to a trip to the doctor, try to relax the lower back, more lying to get out of bed abruptly. From an acute attack of pain can be relieved with analgesics, but remember that these drugs only remove the pain, not cure the disease. Selection of medicines and drugs, providing supportive action, for example, calcium is a competence of the doctor. He will appoint and support therapy massage, a complex of medical gymnastics.